Travel Guide

At a quick Glance...

Best time to visit: May – August  and December – February are the driest months in the year (dry season). Average minimum temperature: 25 C. Average maximum temperature: 35 C. The driest weather is in June when an average of 126mm of rainfall occurs.

How long to stay: 3 days for a first time visit; if you spend 4-5 days you can explore the surrounding areas of Kuala Lumpur.

Language: Malay, English

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (1 GBP = 5.82 MYR)

Transport: Download the ‘Grab‘ app for quick pick ups at cheap prices with lots of drivers available. ‘InDrive‘ app used by locals with a bidding like process to select driver at desire price. 

Things you should know before travelling: ATM machines do not charge a fee when withdrawing money.


Places to Eat

The culinary highlight for Langkawi has to be the wide spread of local delicacies that can be found at the night markets that prop up around the island everyday - don't wait to late to turn as all the food is made fresh and once it's gone, it's gone!


Things to Do

The breathtaking natural beauty of the island can explored through various activities - from land, you can visit spectacular waterfalls, in the waters; you can go island hopping on a jet ski or kayak through the mangrove forests and you can also take in the amazing views from high up in the sky on the Langkawi Sky Bridge.